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Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist- Lloyd Roberson II
Meet Lloyd Roberson II, the Provost in Measure for Measure, who seems to have made it his personal mission to dispel the myth that actors aren’t into sports.
Meet The Playwright- Jennifer Rowland
Get to know playwright Jennifer Rowland, whose play Jamal is one of six being featured in LAB RESULTS 2020.
Meet the Playwright: Matthew Doherty
Get to know Matthew Doherty, whose play Brothers Play is one of six being featured in the 2020 LAB RESULTS and whose taste in jokes is NSFW.
Meet the Playwright: Sean Abley
Get to know Sean Abley, whose play Tea Party is one of six being featured in LAB RESULTS 2020.
Meet the Artist: Armin Shimerman
Meet The Artist- Armin Shimerman, Antaeus Company Members, is one of two directors working on our next production, Measure for Measure. Best known by his fans as Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Armin is also an accomplished Shakespearean scholar and teacher. Get to know him better by reading below!
Meet the Playwright: Marlow Wyatt
Meet the Playwright: Jeannette Farr
Meet The Artist- Elizabeth Swain
Meet The Artist-Aaron Lyons
Meet The Artist-Desiree Mee Jung

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