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Antaeus Library Project

Antaeus was awarded a significant grant from the Ahmanson Foundation, to support a major modernization and expansion project for our theatrical Library, which, with over 7,500 plays and books about theater, is one of the largest collections of its kind.

Through this project, we will expand the Antaeus Library collection with work from playwrights who are underrepresented in the “classical” canon. We will also build a detailed, searchable database for our collection, and through a partnership with Glendale Central Library, the works in the Antaeus Library will be accessible to the general public. We believe that this project will allow us to better serve our artists, audiences, and the greater Los Angeles community.

The grant from the Ahmanson Foundation will cover the initial costs for scanning, cataloguing and database creation. Going forward, we will be seeking additional funding to support the purchase of new books, technology, and supplies.

Through this project, Antaeus will be better equipped to serve our diverse artists, audiences, and students in the greater Los Angeles community. We look forward to sharing further updates as we launch this exciting endeavor!


Photo Featuring Ana Rose O’Halloran, Producing Executive Director, and Bill Brochtrup, Artistic Director in the Antaeus Library. Photo by Frank Ishman


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