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When The Show Can’t Go On

As we all go through this strange and challenging time together, please know that we’re thinking of you. This crisis is hitting everyone differently. We know many in our community are facing untold struggles with both health and finances. For all our sakes, we hope things get back to normal soon. We’re all in this together.

For those of you who can, we ask you to consider helping Antaeus get through this uncertain time. “Social distancing” while necessary, has been devastating for theaters. Closing your doors and cancelling performances when you still have bills to pay is not an easy thing. And it’s especially hard for small organizations, like ours, without an endowment to fall back on in an emergency.

So, please enjoy this video message from the cast of Measure for Measure. And if you can, make a gift to help ensure we’re ready to open our doors again when this storm has finally passed.

Stay safe; stay healthy! We’ll see you soon.

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