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The Music Of The Abuelas

When theater designers approach a play, they often conduct a lot of research to ensure that their specific designs – whether it be the set, costumes, lighting, sound, etc. – fit the director’s vision for the play and work well with the other design elements. What they add to the production is so vital to help set the time, place, and mood for the audience, so that they can experience the play more fully.

Each designer’s research process might include looking at how people lived during a specific time period or historical context for a play. Or their research can be even more specific depending on the design element that they are responsible for – a scenic designer might look at architecture to inspire the set, a costume designer might research clothing patterns or fabrics, and a sound designer might listen to music from a specific time period.

Jeff Gardner, sound designer for The Abuelas and Antaeus Company Member shares some of the musical research he did for this production. Listening to this music can give you an idea of the setting and vibe of The Abuelas and the process Jeff went through to create what you will see on our stage when you attend the show


Elinor Frey- Dall’Abaco “Primo Capriccio”

Mercedes Sosa- “Alfonsina y el Mar”

Cande Buasso- “Barro Tal Vez”

Astor Piazolla- “Milonga Sin Palabras”

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