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The Antaeus Academy. You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It……

Antaeus has taught me one of the most important traits I have as an actor. To learn how to mine the script for clues and make important decisions that guide my work as an actor. In a way you become your own director inspired with assurance to create from any text.”

~Jeff Gardner, A2 actor

“I am most impressed by not only the depth of knowledge of the moderators and guest moderators, but also with their passion for teaching this material. It’s wonderful – especially in Los Angeles – to have access to this wealth of skill and experience with classical texts.”

~Christopher Guilmet,
Classical Styles & Shakespeare Workout

“Going to class at Antaeus is like coming home after a long day… It’s exactly where you want to be.  Sure, an on-camera class is all well and good.  But Classical Styles is a class that brought me some real joy and reminded me why I love acting in the first place…”

~Fay Wolf, Classical Styles

“I feel so lucky to have found this Classical Styles Class at Antaeus! It had been about ten years since I’d worked on a

Fay Wolf & Mike Hyland in a scene from Taming of the Shrew

classical play and I had forgotten how inspiring it could be. When I work on this kind of language I can feel my brain come alive in an entirely new way. It is sort of like lifting weights in the sense that at first it is kind of tough, but after a short while you notice yourself getting stronger. Through this class and through working on this language I could almost feel myself getting smarter and more eloquent in my day to day life.

At Antaeus, along with these great pieces of art (that are a blessing to work on), come teachers or “moderators” that are so smart, enthusiastic and supportive. Their enthusiasm and knowledge made me want to work even harder on these scenes. Each one of them treated the members of the class as artists. A feeling that is quite difficult to find sometimes in Los Angeles.

In short, working with Antaeus made my heart and brain come alive in a way that it hadn’t been in quite some time. I am thankful that I found such a wonderful place.”

~Mike Hyland, Classical Styles

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