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Reflections from a Past Intern

We are currently looking for an Audience and Donor Relations Intern through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture 2020 Internship Program. While that job search continues, we thought we’d check-in with a former intern for a glimpse into her experience as an intern with us.

Follow us back to Summer 2015…

I arrived for the first day of my internship at Antaeus with a twenty-four ounce tumbler of caffeine and notepads in three different sizes. I had prepared to be a scribbling fly on the wall, jotting down my employer’s every wish and eliminating busywork at every turn. My supervisor greeted me promptly and I prepared my post-its for launch. Her first query: “Would you like to take a tour?”

We walked through the library. It had such a magnificent collection of plays we could have been on the set of Beauty and the Beast, save for the cozy feel of the reading nook. A couple of Academy students sat scrutinizing some heavy-duty scene work in a passionate parley in the corner. My superior introduced me as the new intern and they sprang up to welcome me. We ventured through the dressing rooms, where the props designer paused his appetizing undertaking to shake my hand with a grin. We stepped into the theatre, or rather onto the inviting porch set of Picnic, and the director greeted me warmly and several actors jaunted over to say hello, too. Heading through the lobby, we crossed paths with an Artistic Director, who stopped in his tracks to get to know me. Finally, we looped back around to the office, where the top-notch administrators took me in and got me ready to rumble.

Antaeus is a community of creators who support each other at every level. Whether you are physically surrounded by Antaeans or surrounded by their emails and zooms, once you work there, you’re part of a strong community. The day that Picnic opened, I arrived to find opening night cards on my desk from the stage manager and cast members. I had been at the company for only two weeks, had helped only minorly with production, yet already they considered me part of the team. Antaeus runs on its savvy, solid team. Each member as skillful as they are kind.

From my first day forward, my coworkers made me feel important. What I did for them mattered and what I wanted to learn that summer mattered. I was curious about many different facets of their well-oiled machine, so they gave me the chance to test my skills in multiple arenas. I quickly took to the box office, and once the internship ended they invited me to continue working there. I also loved working in production, and two years later I became Assistant Director to that very same Picnic Director that I had met my first day, in a remarkable production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

This internship gives you the opportunity to hone your skills, discover new ones, and gain the sort of education that you can only get from real world experience with a collection of exceptional thespians. The company operates on classics and new works, Broadway stars and young upstarts alike; there’s something for everyone and everyone is empowered to contribute. I’ve worked there in many capacities over the years, and I continue to learn from their inspiring array of creators with each new venture I tackle. Antaeus will always be my safe hub in this chaotic business. I am forever grateful to the team that makes it so.


Portia Juliette

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