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Measure for Measure Costume Renderings

The design elements of a play are integral to bringing the story and the director’s (or in the case of Measure for Measure the directors’) vision to life. Costumes, lighting, set, sound – no matter how seemingly simple or complex – help to envelop the audience in the story as much as the actors saying their lines does. In fact, for many actors, having the design elements available during rehearsal, especially costumes, helps them to connect more deeply to their character and surroundings.

Allison Dillard, our costume designer for Measure for Measure, shares some of her costume renderings. This is a special peek into the creative process, as these were done even before rehearsals began and audiences usually only get to see the finished product. What audiences see on stage can be different from original renderings. Designs may go through many iterations from original concept to final result during the rehearsal process as directors and designers realize new needs for the production.

Scroll through these drawings and then take a look again after seeing the show. How similar are these original concepts from what you actually saw on stage during our production?

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