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How Antaeus Are You

Are you an Antaeus Amateur or Ace? Find out by adding up all of the following you have done and see your score below!

1- 5: Antaeus Amateur

“Well met, well met!” Seems like you’re new around here. Maybe you’ve only seen one show or maybe a friend just told you about us. Don’t worry, we’ll show you the ropes.

5 – 10: Antaeus Aficionado

You’ve seen a couple shows, are familiar with who our actors are. We can tell you want to be more involved, but sometimes other things in life get in the way. But, as “faithful friends are hard to find,” we are glad to have you!

10 – 15: Antaeus Acolyte

You are dedicated. You seen a variety of performances here and are familiar with our actors; maybe you’ve even taken a class. There’s always room for growth, but you are a true fan.

15 – 19: Antaeus Authority

You have been involved with Antaeus at least since we’ve moved to Glendale. We can tell you’re into us. And, hey- the feeling is mutual.

All 20: Antaeus Ace

You know everything about Antaeus since our founding in 1991, and your family is getting worried you spend more time with us than with them. That’s okay: we’ll be your new family!

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