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Drinking with The Zip Code Plays

When we enjoy The Zip Code Plays this November, it will be from the comfort of our own homes, on a laptop, likely with headphones in. In short, not a shared theater experience in a conventional sense. That’s why we’ve come up with our Zip Code Cocktails, a way for everyone to feel connected through drink while enjoying these new audio plays. And, for our younger or non-alcohol drinkers, each recipe is accompanied by a non-alcoholic (but equally delicious) alternative.



In 90011: South Central Los Angeles, Leon Ivy has been living in Paris before returning home to his upturned life in LA. Inspired by his sojourn in France, we’ve chosen champagne as the base spirit for this play’s drink. Enjoy the creamy and fizzy Creamsicle Fizz, a delicious adult take on the classic ice cream treat. Or, the non-alcoholic but equally delectable Creamsicle smoothie.



90012: DTLA is about a magical encounter with a celestial comet that awakens a pair of downtown statues and a neighboring denizen of the La Brea Tar Pits. The main character, Clara Shortridge Foltz, is born in 1849– the same year as the California Gold Rush. Though Clara was not born in CA, the connection between her birth year and a formative moment in California history was too good to pass up! Plus, the drink is delicious. Try the Gold Rush cocktail  or the similar iced ginger tea with honey

If you want a snack to go along with these tasty libations, try chocolate-covered popcorn or boozy chocolate-covered popcorn also inspired by the play (you’ll know why when you listen!)



In 90024: Westwood, Eleanor bakes Oat-Choco-Scotch Clusters. We found a drink recipe which approximates the flavor of these delectable-sounding cookies, called an Oatmeal Cookie (appropriate, right?) The alternative Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie is just as delicious, and we recommend trying both (maybe you listen to the play twice?) And, if you’re in the baking mood, you can make your own Oat-Choco-Scotch cookies



In 90272: Pacific Palisades, craftsman Joseph Kurtz arrives at the palatial Murphy Ranch ready to carve an ornate balustrade for the estate’s magnificent staircase. The old-fashioned drink for this play is inspired by the wealthy homebuilders and the red bougainvillea that surround their house. You’ll feel like a Millionaire when you enjoy this rich cocktail (leave out the absinthe, it’s just as good.) Or, enjoy a classic Shirley Temple, which has the same sweet flavor and bright color thanks to grenadine.



In 90403: Santa Monica, Mina is in trouble for eating an overhanging piece of fruit. Inspired by the forbidden fruit, enjoy a Blackberry Mojito, a bright refreshing drink. Of course, a Blackberry Lemonade provides the same refreshment. 



In 91352: Sun Valley, Martha takes a trip to an auto junkyard. We knew we had to do a cocktail named after a car (there are a surprising number of those). We settled on a Sidecar with tequila, since the orange flavor reminded us of the sun in Sun Valley. Or, try the copycat Sidecar with no alcohol



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