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30th Anniversary Poster: Uncle Vanya

Audiences loved our relatable and emotional production of Uncle Vanya in 2015. We're remembering the classic with a poster created by local artist Bryan Gelderbloom.

With sparkling humor and unflinching humanity, Chekhov spins a playful yarn around thwarted hopes and misplaced dreams as a warm reminder that “it is always in season for old men to learn” and that Coming of Age is not just for the young, merely the young at heart.

Remembering: Uncle Vanya

  • “A brilliant mounting … Robin Larsen directs her talented cast in a steady, flowing pace with just enough quiet moments to contrast the volatile, high emotional ones. … Top-notch production elements … Antaeus, ya did it again!”” —Gil Kaan, Broadway World
  • “Robin Larsen’s lively staging reveals the humor and urgency of this 116-year-old play.” —Jenny Lower, LA Weekly
  • “Profound … visceral … Antaeus’ collective acting chops are on full display … terribly powerful … If you’re wondering what all this hubbub is about 99-seat theater and what’s really at stake, Antaeus’ Uncle Vanya is as good an argument as any.”—Anthony Byrnes, KCRW “Opening the Curtain
  • “A sharp execution of midlife drift … sensitively directed … The tone hovers in a mysterious territory between tragedy and comedy, where laughter is always mixed with tears; Larsen often hits the perfect frequency.” —Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times
  • “As interpreted by Annie, these Chekhov characters talk and relate like me, and they don’t pull any punches. The play is perfectly relevant to today. It’s the human dilemma, played out again and again over time, and in every culture. The dysfunction of ego is universal and timeless.” —Director Robin Larsen

About the Artist

Bryan Gelderbloom

Bryan Gelderbloom is a graphic designer currently based in Los Angeles. Since graduating from CalArts in 2020, his time has been spent working on his small business, along with designing for clients in the arts and tech. His practice places an emphasis on conceptuality, methodology, and community. He hopes to continue working with people who inspire him while keeping his work lighthearted and accessible.

Check out Bryan Gelderbloom’s work at bryangelderbloom.com.

Creating the Poster:

I used late 1800s Russian furniture to set a mundane scene that plays off the realism found in the work, dealing with the passage of time and wasted time. I placed more exciting scenes hidden within to encourage the viewer really looking through it. … Some of them appeared physically and metaphorically throughout the play. The idea is to really play off the idea that while quite a bit happens throughout the play, by the end, everything is seemingly the same as before, just like the normal passage of time in life.

|   Featuring:
Shannon Lee Clair, Rebecca Mozo   |
Photographer: Karianne Flaathen
|   Featuring:
Rebekah Tripp, Don R. McManus   |
Photographer: Karianne Flaathen

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