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30th Anniversary Poster: The Crucible

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary with new, original poster artwork commemorating our 2013 production of The Crucible.

Arthur Miller’s parable draws a chilling parallel between the Salem witch trials of 1692 and subsequent generations of American mass hysteria – up to the present. Through this savage tale of one small community’s too effortless descent into superstition and paranoia, Miller explores in frightening detail what can happen when fear clouds fact and blame replaces reason.

Remembering: The Crucible

LA Times Critic’s Choice, Ovation-recommended
  • As with all the Antaeus productions, the level of ensemble performance is excellent.” —Hoyt Hilsman, Huffington Post
  • “The company’s subtly revisionist production … reinvigorates the language and brings a novel dimension to Miller’s well-worn text. … the boldest innovation is having the performers face dead front for the bulk of the action rather than directly addressing one another. It’s a risky, even outlandish tack that could have blunted the drama’s emotional connections. Yet considering the play’s polemical nature, it’s brilliant.” —F. KATHLEEN FOLEY, Los Angeles Times
  • “When we presented The Crucible for ClassicsFest, the actors were facing forward with their scripts, connecting through the audience, as it were, rather than looking at each other. Audience members told us they felt they heard the story much more clearly, and their reaction was so strong and so positive that we decided to do a full production of the play that would incorporate elements of that presentational style. … Our approach lets the story emerge without anchoring it in a specific time period.” —Co-director Geoffrey Wade, Broadway World

About the Artist

Jarvis Taylor

Jarvis Taylor is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who earned his B.F.A in Art with an emphasis in illustration from Cal State University Long Beach. For five years, he worked in the fashion industry as a graphic and textile designer before becoming a full time freelance artist. Up to this point, Jarvis has worked with clients such as Grammy Award winning writer/singer Eric Bellinger, NBA Allstar Victor Oladipo, as well as Amazon Studios. 

Check out Jarvis Taylor’s work online:

Instagram | Portfolio

Creating the Poster:

With this poster design, my goal was to capture the essence of what I felt while watching The Crucible. The overwhelming feeling of heartless finger-pointing judgement driven by manipulation is what stood out the most, so I allowed that emotional experience to direct the design process. If possible, I would’ve loved to place a mirror at the center of the poster to further push the interactive experience that anyone viewing the poster would have.   

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