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30th Anniversary Poster: Picnic

Revisit our 2015 production of Picnic with this dreamy, new theatrical poster created by Jessica Peng.

Powerful, moving, and ripe for revival, Inge’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama is not simply a breezy summer romance. Set in small town Kansas, this is a sexy world, dangerous and cruel, where residents keep each other in their place while longing to break free.

Remembering: Picnic

LA Times Critic’s Choice, Ovation-recommended
  • “a stunning production … Antaeus is known for its risk­taking, and under Watson’s superlative hand, sparks fly. The entire ensemble ignite a fire of engrossing proportions.” — Don Grigware, Broadway World
  • “CRITIC’S CHOICE… poetic realism, wry humor and a surging erotic charge… intelligently gripping” —David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times
  • “Inge has tremendous respect for these characters,” says Watson. “There are no bad people. It’s bigger than that. Even though it is Kansas in 1952, the longings and desires and fears these people are experiencing on this particular Labor Day are no different from what we all experience today. It’s all about trying to find a way to exist in a place where everybody knows everybody and you can lose everything.” —Director Cameron Watson

About the Artist

Jessica Peng

Jessica Peng is a graphic designer and illustrator who focuses on the cross sections where humans interact with design. She works in a broad range of mediums—both print and digital, and is always trying to discover new ways humans interact with learning, communication, and both their local and global communities.

Check out Jessica Peng’s work at jessicagpeng.cargo.site.

Creating the Poster:

The idea behind the poster is to give the basic premise of the story in a dollhouse-like snapshot. It shows the setting of the play—the area between these two houses, with several of the other characters peering at the main couple through different windows. This represents the different lenses the characters view Madge and Hal. Some view them through jealousy and lust, others dream vicariously through them.

|   Featuring:
Kitty Swink, Ross Philips   |
Photographer: Karianne Flaathen
|   Featuring:
Rhonda Aldrich, Sarah Halford   |
Photographer: Geoffrey Wade
|   Featuring:
Jordan Monaghan, Daniel Bess   |
Photographer: Karianne Flaathen

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