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30th Anniversary Poster: Measure for Measure

In 2019/20, we produced Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Check out Dwight Tablason's artistic take on the so-called "problem play."

“Some rise by sin and some by virtue fall.” Sex and hypocrisy abound in this dark comedy about the corruption of power and authority … and the true nature of love and justice.

Remembering: Measure for Measure

  • “Wow! … all-around splendid cast … accessible … and given noteworthy contemporary significance by its directors, Measure For Measure adds up to one exciting evening of classical theater at Antaeus” —Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA
  • “STAGE RAW TOP 10…the language of the play – clearly and vividly delivered by the cast.” —Taylor Kass, Stage Raw
  • “The issues that were so immediately compelling when we heard the play aloud seem even more pertinent now. Corruption, faith, sexual politics and the struggle to do the right thing are themes that desperately call for exploration. Plus the humor, wit, and intelligence of Shakespeare’s characters make this a thrilling choice for the company.” —Antaeus 2019/20 Co-Artistic Directors Bill Brochtrup and Kitty Swink
  • “Shakespeare’s text is amazingly prescient. … Years ago, people would say, ‘Isabella is so cold not to sleep with Angelo so she could free her brother.’ That reaction was the norm. Today, as a society, we’re at least a little more attuned to survivors’ rights. Reading this play anew, I realized Isabella suffers a tremendous trauma.” —Cast member Carolyn Ratteray, as quoted in the Los Angeles Times review by Tom Jacobs

About the Artist

Dwight Tablason

Dwight Tablason is a high school art teacher, a tattoo artist, and an apprentice gardener. Originally from the Philippines, he immigrated to America at age 11 and found his love for art. After pursuing his illustration degree, an art teaching opportunity became available at his alma mater. He started teaching and sharing his love of art, and even after 11 years of teaching, each day is truly a unique experience and keeps him on his toes. Tattooing became another way to express and challenge his art skills… and also to make travel money! Dwight is married to his high school sweetheart, Jamie, who is a children’s book illustrator. During the pandemic, they picked up gardening with their two dogs, Lucy and Ted. 

Check out Dwight Tablason’s work on Instagram.

Creating the Poster:

This idea uses the composition and design elements of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but the friar takes the place of the figure, along with the added scales of justice in the background. The lighter values on the friar reveal his true self and what he knows. I interpreted the title to say “an eye for an eye” and wanted to convey that sense of uniformity and balance.

|   Featuring:
Carolyn Ratteray, Lloyd Roberson II, Bo Foxworth   |
Photographer: Jenny Graham
|   Featuring:
Paul Culos, Bo Foxworth   |
Photographer: Jenny Graham
|   Featuring:
Aaron Lyons, Rhonda Aldrich   |
Photographer: Jenny Graham

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