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30th Anniversary Poster: Macbeth

Check out the new, original poster celebrating our 2012 production of The Scottish Play.

In this macabre tale of Scottish legends, witches, hallucinations and power, Shakespeare’s bloodiest couple thrash against the rise of their own consciences. The bard’s most disturbing tragedy, Macbeth is a compelling psychological and political thriller that follows Macbeth’s transformation from battlefield hero to bloody tyrant, revealing the human soul’s darkest depths.

Remembering: Macbeth

LA Times Critic’s Choice, LA Drama Critics Circle Award (Sound Design)
  • “Clear, vigorous … riveting, disconcertingly sympathetic … thrilling” —Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times 
  • “A distinctive take that elicits new insights into the text … The greatest tribute to the Company is the strength of technique in the supporting parts.” – Myron Meisel, The Hollywood Reporter
  • “Clear and absorbing, thanks to the respect for the language, which blew across the stage in lucid breezes” —Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly
  • “A spare and compelling telling of the story of a couple that loved too well. … The play flows in a continuous motion that is easy to follow, never rushed and never predictable.” —Steve Peterson, Broadway World
  • “I’ve always wanted to direct Macbeth in an intimate space. Because of all the battles, it’s usually performed on a grand scale, but I want to investigate the psychology of it: How did these people come to do such evil deeds? What makes good people do bad things?” —Director Jessica Kubzansky

About the Artist

Ivan Zuno

Ivan Zuno was born in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico but raised in Southern California. He is a self-taught artist and has been drawing as far back as he can remember. 

“I learned to draw by watching and studying the people, places, and things of my everyday life. My work has been described as a clash between fine art and street art with influences ranging from graphic novels to tattoo art. I am uncommitted to any particular medium and love working with pencil, ink, acrylics, oils, aerosols, and digital mediums.”

Ivan’s subject matters of interest include political issues and their movements, religion/spirituality, human rights, equality, global current affairs, unapologetic self-expression, and “anything that can spark up a conversation.”

Check out Ivan Zuno’s work at ivanzuno.com.

Creating the Poster:

As part of my research to find the right inspiration for the design of my poster, I watched Justin Kursel’s “Macbeth” and watched several videos that highlighted important portions of the story. I quickly discovered that Macbeth is a very complex character and a big bag of mixed conflicting emotions.

In my design, I exaggerated his reach of the left arm to emphasize his desperation and ambition to become king under the witches’ obscured prophecies and with the almost unwillful assistance of his wife in his quest to conquer. The witches are designed as a silhouette in the background to show how they’re both an afterthought but also a subconscious powerful influence in this entangled story.

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