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The Zip Code Plays

91505: Burbank

True Sound

Directed By: Gregg T. Daniel
Episode Available: December 2, 2021

A late night “foley” session in the basement of a post-production house gets twisted when a grizzled veteran and an eager apprentice work on sound-effects for the low-budget slasher film, “13 Below.”  Can we correct past mistakes, and was Hitchcock right — are casabas better than watermelons? This show-biz thriller has the answers.

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The Zip Code Play  Series is generously sponsored in part by:

The Michael J. Connell Foundation

With Generous Support for 91505: Burbank Provided By:

Karen Frederiksen


Cherish Monique Duke – Jasmine
Emily Goss – Angela
Peter Van Norden – Ron

* This podcast was recorded under a SAG-AFTRA Collective Bargaining Agreement

Creative Team:

Series Host – Ramón de Ocampo
Audio Producer, Sound Designer, and Foley Artist – Jeff Gardner
Co-Designer – Andrea Allmond
Original Music – Ellen Mandel
Production Stage Manager – Ben Altman
Audio Editor – Neil Wogensen

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