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Meet The Artist: Josh Zuckerman

Meet Josh Zuckerman who plays Aaron in Eight Nights; the way his time is taken up proves that actors are just like the rest of us!

What takes up too much of your time?
Emails and texting.
What food do you really like that other people think is weird?
Strawberries and peanut butter…you’re welcome!
Which of your school teachers do you remember best and why?
I had a history professor in college that looked and sounded like Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. Nobody could forget him.
If your daily life were narrated, who would you like to be the narrator?
Morgan Freeman, of course.
What do you consider yourself an expert on?
What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now?
Bowl hair cuts.

At Antaeus: Eight Nights, The Autumn Garden. Other Theater: A Delicate Ship (The Road); Knife To The Heart, Dutch Masters (Rogue Machine); The Turn Of The Screw, Women and Wallace, Juno and the Paycock (Odyssey); Cock. Film: Useless Humans, The Bellmen, Sex Drive, Austin Powers Goldmember, Surviving Christmas, Feast, CBGB, The Hottest State. TV: Significant Mother, Strange Angel, The Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, CSI Miami, Boston Legal, House, Breakout Kings, The West Wing, NYPD Blue, 90210.

Performances with Antaeus:

October 22 – December 19, 2010
Lily Knight and Steven Caffrey in The Autumn Garden (PC Ed Krieger)
October 31 – December 16, 2019
Eight Nights-2019

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