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A Message from Our Artistic Directors

For all these years, the two of us have made Antaeus our artistic home because it offers a sense of community and commitment to excellence that you rarely find anywhere else. Antaeus is a touchstone for all of us: a Company of dedicated artists illuminating human experiences; an actor-driven theater, rooted in values of creative freedom and artistic excellence; a sanctuary for performers and audiences alike.

Over the past few months, we’ve discovered what Antaeus is – what our company and community represent – matters even more than we realized.

Five months ago, we ended an extraordinary production of Measure for Measure less than halfway through its run, and closed our doors hoping to be back in just a few weeks’ time. Obviously, it hasn’t worked out quite as we imagined. 2020 has been a confusing, frustrating, painful year, not just for the theater, but for all of us. But in this strange time, we’ve been reminded that our theater is more than a building; our community is more than just the actors and patrons who filter through it. Antaeus is our home, and we are a family, even when circumstances keep us apart.

We miss you, but although this time has been difficult, it has given us a chance to look at our work with new eyes. We know this won’t last forever. We’ll all be back together, clinking glasses in the Antaeus Library someday soon. And when we get there, it will be with immense gratitude, and a renewed sense of purpose to serve our mission, and ensure we are supporting and uplifting all members of this extraordinary community.

We are grateful to each and every one of you for being part of the Antaeus family. For those of you who have already contributed to help us get through this crisis, thank you again! Your support and friendship are the reason Antaeus is where we are today: still working, moving forward, and finding inspiration to meet this unexpected moment with empathy and imagination.

If you haven’t had the chance to donate yet, we hope you’ll consider making a gift before our Fiscal Year ends on August 31. In particular, we’re asking people to set up a recurring, monthly donation to help sustain our ongoing artistic programs in the coming year. These can be any amount from $5 up to the Director’s Circle level of $125 a month, or more. If everyone who read this email committed to making a $10 monthly gift, our costs would be covered. When so much is uncertain, monthly donations we can rely on make a world of difference. But honestly, at a time like this, any type of gift, any schedule, any amount, will help us be that much stronger as we face the continuing challenges ahead.

When this storm finally passes, we’re going to need places to come together and share artistic experiences even more than we did before. Antaeus will be there for you when that time comes. And so, if you can, we’re asking you to be here for us now, supporting our journey to that brighter future. We can’t wait to see you there.

With sincere gratitude,

Bill Brochtrup & Kitty Swink
Artistic Directors

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