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2006 Season


Written by: John Whiting
Directed by: Meryl Friedman
July 6, 2006 8:00 pm
July 7, 2006 8:00 pm

Napoleon’s army looms across the channel as the eccentric Bellboys family prepares for an invasion. The delightful comedy explores the foolishness and inevitability of warfare–and of love.

Written by: Seamus Dever
Directed by: Rick Sparks
July 8, 2006 3:00 pm

Democracy has come to Mother Russia–but one factory manager longs for the good old days and turns his retirement into a last-ditch firefight with the new bosses of capitalism.

Written by: Melody Cooper
Directed by: Claudia Weill
July 8, 2006 8:00 pm
July 9, 2006 3:00 pm

Mingling with friends at a military wedding, a Canadian soldier finds himself haunted by the ghosts of murdered Rwandan children and their performance of Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus.”

Written by: The Antaeus Academy Company
Directed by: Nike Doukas, Jeanie Hackett, and Geoffrey Wade
July 11, 2006 8:00 pm
July 12, 2006 8:00 pm

Our Academy Company, some of the finest young classical actors in LA, in great moments of Sophocles’ “Iphigenia” and from Shakespeare’s plays, including “Measure for Measure” and “The Merchant of Venice.”

Written by: Oscar Mandel
Directed by: Brendon Fox
July 13, 2006 8:00 pm
July 14, 2006 8:00 pm

Two young lovers tempted by the lure of wealth, sex, power, and drink. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! An effervescently original comedy inspired by Marivaux’s “A Double Inconstancy.”

Written by: Toby Campion
Directed by: Lisa James
July 15, 2006 3:00 pm

An original work–In the moments before his death Playwright Chekhov and Doctor Chekhov grapple with the curiosities of life, love, medicine, and the theatre.

Written by: Samuel Beckett
Directed by: .
July 16, 2006 7:00 pm
July 23, 2006 7:00 pm

Beckett’s final work confronts his own impending death–a solo work performed by famed Beckett collaborator Alan Mandell in an unforgettable evening. Also, a few Beckett odds and ends and a special screening.

Written by: Ivan Turgenev
Directed by: Tom Moore
July 20, 2006 8:00 pm
July 21, 2006 8:00 pm

Bored wives, ardent suitors, oblivious husbands–Turgenev’s masterful recreation of Russian rural society and the ties that bind a family together.

Written by: Titus Maccius Plautus
Directed by: Anne McNaughton
July 22, 2006 3:00 pm

Dakin Matthews has crafted a new rhyming verse translation of this wild Roman comedy–the original mistaken identity play and Shakespeare’s source for “The Comedy of Errors”

Written by: August Strindberg
Directed by: Stephanie Shroyer
July 29, 2006 3:00 pm
July 30, 2006 7:00 pm

A tragedy of a man and a woman struggling for the possession of their child, and the child must pay the penalty. Strindberg’s unforgiving look at the pitiless battle between the sexes.

Written by: Harold Pinter
Directed by: Bart DeLorenzo
August 1, 2006 8:00 pm
August 2, 2006 8:00 pm

Pinter’s ingenious mix of the comical and the disturbing looks at the ultimate emptiness that can accompany old age, and asks what is to be done when there is nothing left to do.

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