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1998 Season

Main Season Productions

Written by: W.S. Gilbert, Music by Arthur Sullivan
Directed by: Maryedith Burrell, Music Direction by Jan Powell
November 6 – December 20, 1998

The development process for Patience began in January of 1998. In addition to the Antaeans and Guests in the present cast, the following actors also contributed greatly of their time, talent and effort throughout the year: David Byrd, Jennifer Byrd, JD Cullum, Jeanie Hackett, Michael Keenan, Dakin Matthews, Tuck Milligan, John Michael Morgan, Joe Spano, Peter Van Norden, and Mary Kay Wulf.

Antaeus likes to cast its shows “three-deep” to ensure the best possible performance no matter what combination of film and TV jobs, sickness, and/or misadventure occur.

The Patience cast includes actors who have primary responsibility for their role, actors who are equally sharing their roles with other actors, and actors ready to step into any role when needed.

share: means two actors share the role equally in alternate performances
cover (C): means the actor is next in line to play that role, if needed
deep cover (DC): means the actors is ready to cover the cover actor, if needed

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