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“Oh This Learning, What A Thing It Is!”

A Message From Co-Artistic Director Rob Nagle

During a time when classical theater is fast becoming a lost art, with fewer and fewer classical theater productions being done on Broadway and in the major regional theaters of this country, the Antaeus Academy sprang up to help fill a void. Some actors feel as if their undergraduate (and even graduate) training programs were not broad enough in their exposure to great works of literature. Not only does the Antaeus Academy offer curricula to “fill in the blanks” for actors graduating from universities and conservatories that left them wanting more, but it also offers a safe place for professional actors to touch base with their roots.

We are also very proud that the moderators of our classes are all working professionals. As useful as academia can be to an actor’s process, we believe that learning from professionals working in “the real world” is essential to the full development of every actor. We also believe that all ages have something to gain from continual study. In the words of Aeschylus, “It is always in season for old men to learn.”

We live in Los Angeles, a vast city with a varied cultural landscape. Our lives as actors here in the entertainment industry are often overwhelmed with film, television, and commercial work — but many of us came to our careers by way of the theater. Without being able to touch the ground of our earliest training, we can hardly aspire to greater heights in our work. With one hand firmly on the ground, we can use the other hand to reach for the stars.

– Rob Nagle
On behalf of all of us, thank you for being a part of our family. None of this would be possible without your generous support. If you believe in the Antaeus Academy, make your end-of-year gift today. If you have already donated, thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at the theatre in 2016!

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