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Antaeus Draws Theater Aficionados To Downtown Glendale

A message from Debra Thompson

My husband and I became serious Antaeus fans after attending a performance of “Peace in Our Time” in 2011. This relatively unknown and rarely produced play by Nöel Coward was thought-provoking and engaging and, above all, highlighted what we have come to realize are the best qualities of Antaeus Theatre Company – uniformly excellent acting from a large-ensemble cast, beautiful sets and costume designs, and careful attention to detail, be it the inclusion of period music or the proper English accent of each character. Since then, we have been regular members of the audience and have never been disappointed.

Imagine our joy, then, to learn that Antaeus was moving to Glendale! In our two decades of living, working and volunteering in the Glendale community it is clear that the cultural scene here is improving, but only slowly. The addition of Antaeus to the cultural mix is an opportunity to place Glendale firmly on the map as more than just a shopping destination. People drawn to Antaeus performances from all over the Los Angeles area will now experience the vibrancy of downtown Glendale, many for the first time. Glendale residents young and old now have theater at their front door.

Antaeus Theatre Company in Glendale is good for us all. I hope that you will join me in making a gift to Antaeus so we can continue to bring the very best theater to the community for many years to come. See you at the theater!

Debra Thompson
Antaeus Board Member

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