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Antaeus Academy

Shakespeare: From Page To Stage

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Moderated by: Elizabeth Swain
September 30, 2020 – December 16, 2020
Fall 2020
Wednesdays, 7-10pm
Class Fee: $450
Class Size: 14-16

Shakespeare’s texts are a gift to the actor who knows how to find the offered clues to performance. We will explore the text’s structure, its rhetorical devices, its verse, rhythm and sound; we will learn to trust the text as the source of what we need to know about character and action, within the context of Elizabethan culture and beliefs; then physical and text exercises will help bring the words to stage life. We will work on sonnets, monologues and later, scenes. Each class will begin with group exercises (yes it can be done on zoom!). Liz’s goal is to give an approach to any new piece of text as a preparation for the real business of acting Shakespeare.

*No class on November 25

Regular Tuition: $450 – September 21, 2020
Installment Plan: $475 – First payment: September 21, 2020; second payment: October 19, 2020

Questions? Email academy@antaeus.org or call 818.506.1983.

Elizabeth Swain

Elizabeth Swain holds a PhD in Theatre from the CUNY Graduate Center and is a member of the Antaeus Ensemble where she has performed in three productions and innumerable readings. She has acted on and off Broadway, in regional theatres across the country and has directed many Shakespeare productions in NY and LA, including co-directing the recent Measure for Measure with Armin Shimerman for Antaeus. She has taught at Barnard College, NYU, Cal State Long Beach and recently started guest teaching Shakespeare at CalArts.  She is Professor Emerita at Marymount Manhattan College.


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